SEO Content – No, No, No

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Writing your SEO Content just for the search engines is the biggest mistake you can make in your small business SEO. Yes, your content needs to exactly what the search engines are looking for, but that’s not nearly enough.

Let’s ask the real hard question. If you held an event for your business to attract visitors and one thousand people attended, but no one bought a thing, would you consider it a success? You would have spent your time, money and resources to attract those people, but it would have been a waste of time.

Let’s take it a step further. What if 90% of those people looked at your place of business and turned away before even entering? That would really be a disaster.

Keywords Are…

Keywords are phrases that you expect people to use when they think about your business. When they come to your site based on a keyword, they expect to find relevant content. Dry cleaners in South Beach is an example we’ll use. Now, many dry cleaners know how to create a print ad. They’ll include their name, hours, telephone number and services like one-hour dry cleaning, dry cleaning large pieces, 10% off Wednesday and so on. Why include those items in their ad? Because they know people are looking for them. Keywords are advertisements! They won’t run their ad in Jupiter for their South Beach cleaner; they’ll run it close to home.

I go to many small business websites where I find less information on the page that an SEO expert sent me to, than in the ad described for the dry cleaner. If it’s there, I can’t find it easily. I’m not willing to search through a website to find the hours of operations, or if they offer one day service. Are you?

Let’s say I’m staying in South Beach and I need my suit pressed. I do a quick search with the term, “same day dry cleaning in South Beach”. I type in the term with the quotation marks to see if anyone is specifically targeting that term. They’re not. Not a single dry cleaner in the whole Miami area is targeting same day dry cleaning in South Beach. Why? Because they are more concerned about being ranked for “dry cleaning in South Beach” (1,238 results) or “dry cleaning in Miami” (68,500 results).

If I’m looking for a simple thing like a dry cleaner for something I want done specifically, why can’t I find it? Because, SEO experts will write SEO content for the search engines, not for paying customers. Remember the quip that a search engine has never bought a thing. Customers buy.

What’s Most Important to Your Customer?

When you hire expert content writers, you’re taking a big chance that they’ll miss the little things that you know about your business. They will be doing keyword searches and find that there are no searches listed in Google for same day dry cleaning in South Beach. There are no searches listed for dry cleaning in South Beach. So, what do they do? They look for a big search terms like dry cleaners Miami that show about 2.400 search per month.

So when you and I go searching for a dry cleaner in South Beach, no one figured out that that’s how we search and targeted it in their website content. Google would love that if you serve South Beach, you optimize your website pages for the terms that people are searching for every day. In this case, they are forced to come up with an answer. Really, they are approximating the best they can. Why not help them? On top of that, Google says that half the search terms entered are unique. It’s because people search exactly for what they want.

The common sense that was present when the print ad was created, disappeared when the SEO content was written. The website visitor or customer was forgotten.

Please, Please, Please Write for the Customer

If you remember nothing else about writing content for your website, remember to write for your customer. Whatever page you’re writing, write it for the customer first and then go back and add your targeted keywords if necessary. By writing for the customer, you will be optimizing for local SEO without trying. You’ll be writing about what they’re looking for.

Here’s a big SEO tip. Find a copy of the Yellow Pages. Go to the listings for your type of business. Write down everything that they are advertising and the information they’re displaying in their ads. These are the things that they are using to attract customers. Shouldn’t you being using them too?

For local content writing for small business, start as though you had a 2 x 2 inch display ad. What would you say? What if you had a half page, then a full page? What if you wrote a brochure about your business? This will give you the content for your site and what you customers are looking for.

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