Why You Need SEO For Your Small Business

Small business SEO is just too much work and it take too long to get results. Okay, let’s just hope your competitors are thinking that way. There’s no doubt that SEO takes work and it takes time. And, if I were selling other forms of advertising, I would be saying that SEO is not worth it.

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SEO Is Not Worth It

I’m assuming that I’m talking to real business owners who have given a big part of their life to building a business. If you don’t have a real business that’s generating sales and profits, then SEO will not be worth it for you. Building a real business is a lot of work and it takes time. I commend those who have done it and hope you still believe it’s worth it.

Reading this article for the next few minutes may be the most important
thing that you do for the success of your business over the next few years!

If You Advertise, You Need SEO

If your business situations delivers customers without advertising, you probably don’t need SEO. For instance, if your store is in a mall, flea market, tourist area with heavy foot traffic and so on, you have a steady stream of customers and may not need to advertise.

However, if you’re like the rest of us, you spend a good amount of money advertising to generate leads, visitors or sales. If you’re advertising in traditional media like the Yellow Pages, newspapers, radio, TV and so on, and it’s working, you may still need SEO. The reasons are pretty simple:

  • Growing numbers of people are getting their news online
  • Growing numbers of people are using search engines rather than Yellow Pages like directories
  • Whole new generations of young adults rarely do anything without their smart phone or tablet like the iPad

The take-away from the changing landscape is that your traditional customers base may be moving in large numbers to online sources of information, and your future source is already there.

The Difference Between SEO and Other Advertising

Unless you own the newspaper, radio station, online news source or search engine, you are paying to advertise online. You are merely shifting your expense from one place to another. You can do that and your business can be successful. However, what if you paid only a fraction of the cost of your current advertising for online customers? That’s what small business search engine optimization can do for you.

SEO is not free. It cost money to gain Google, Yahoo and Bing rankings and it takes time. However, if you reach the point where you’re ranking highly in your market, your advertising and marketing costs can fall dramatically. The case of my real estate business is a great example.

Five years ago, we spent over $50,000 on advertising in print ads and Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on Yahoo and Google. That was during the boom market and our return was high. When the real estate market crashed, we couldn’t afford PPC or print advertising. There was no return. People were not going to the old print sources and PPC was returning no leads. We moved to SEO and organic traffic to survive.

Today, we spend about $5,000 a year on our SEO program. Almost all of our sales come from our web properties. We use print for rental properties and open houses, but we don’t use print to attract home buyers or sellers. We spent a lot of time learning about SEO and optimizing our sites. We created over 1,000 pages of content for our visitors and now we have an asset from our investment.

The SEO  Investment

To get the same level of traffic for our real estate business from PPC, we would need to pay somewhere around $3,000-$5,000 per month. In the current business environment, we can’t do that. However, our SEO efforts over the past 3-1/2 years have resulted in traffic of that value. We invested time and money to create a content rich asset. Our customers love the content and the search engines rank it highly.

That’s what SEO can do for you. It will take work. It will take time, but done right and consistently, the payoff will be high. That’s why you need small business SEO. SEO can be affordable. Call Mike Byrne at 386-295-2049 to discuss affordable small business SEO options.


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