Local SEO and Slow SEO

We rush, we rush and then we rush some more. We look for magic bullets, low hanging fruit and quick hits. Not all things can be done quickly though. We know it, even if we don’t like it. Local SEO results can take much longer than we like, but that’s not so bad. Let’s look at a new idea I had today when writing some new content. Let’s talk about Slow SEO.

Slow SEO Turtle

What is Slow SEO?

Slow SEO is what happens when you don’t have the deep pockets to spend lots of money on search engine optimization and internet marketing. Well, that includes most of us. But this is not all bad. Slow SEO is mostly what happens anyway for small businesses.

Slow SEO is building your small business SEO program over time and affordably. The content that I was writing when this idea came to me is our new page on affordable small business SEO – SEO on $100 a week. Yes, a solid SEO program is possible on $100 a week, but the trade-off is in time and patience, and patience is what slow SEO is all about.

Why You Should Consider Slow SEO

If your a small business, going slow with your search program is probably the best strategy from a return on investment point of view. If you go slow and methodically, you can adjust to what’s working and spend more time and money on that. You can stop what’s not working and you can do it before you spend a ton of money.

Going full-out and spending $20,000, only to see some small results is $20,000 gone. Spending that money over 20 months is a different story. You expect to see results as you’re spending the money and you will. There’s a fast way to driving search traffic to your site and it’s called PPC – pay per click advertising. It skips all the time and hassles of building organic (free) search traffic. Of course the big problem is that it costs you a bundle and you keep paying.

Affordable is Relevant

If your breaking into the running shoe business you will be competing with Nike and Reebok and other big players. Affordable in this market is still a lot of money. $100 a week won’t make a dent. However, if you’re a local dentist or doctor, a local shoe store, a local restaurant and such, you are likely to see big results for your $100 a week investment.

Google is Slow

Google is slow to rank and slow to keep ranking. The reason is a good one – trust. Google wants to return the best results for their searchers who are their customers for paid advertisements. They want to know that if they rank you, you’ll be around for a while and won’t hurt them.

My experience with our real estate website and local SEO is that I saw some good results in about three months, but it took two years to get the full benefits. There’s a lot of competition for our terms, so we had to prove our worth to Google first. Yahoo and Bing are a little different, but the same principles hold.

Going the slow SEO route makes sense for many small businesses. Build your SEO content slowly and steadily and over time you’ll see solid results.

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