WordPress Dominance Growing – Great for SEO

Wordpress Dashboard Image

I fully advocate using the Wordpress platform for small business SEO and the numbers seem to indicate that I'm not alone. On the Wordpress Blog, on August 19th, in their State of the Word post, Wordpress announced some facts about usage of their platform. First, 147,000 of the top one million sites on the web are using Wordpress, up from 85,000 not long ago. In addition, and this is more important for us, "22 out of every 100 new active domains in the US are running Wordpress." The reason … [Read more...]

WordPress – Posts or Pages – Which is Best?

Using Wordpress Pages

Wordpress posts or pages - which one should you use when publishing your content? Is there a difference? So Few Wordpress Pages Many blogs based on the Wordpress platform use only a few pages on the site. That could be a mistake for two reasons: Long term search engine rankings Visitor time on site and conversion Pages Are Your Showroom From an SEO perspective, here's what I've found for using Wordpress blogs: Pages are your showroom Posts are your promotion Posts can rank … [Read more...]