Small Business SEO – Think Like A Small Business Owner!

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Affordable small business SEO is not about attacking huge competitors for major keyword phrases. It is about finding keyword variations and long tail keywords. You have a huge advantage because you know your customers, their needs and the questions they regularly ask. The people doing SEO for big companies have probably never met a customer. Chris Anderson wrote The Long Tail in 2006. Here's how he summarized the long tail ( The theory of the Long Tail is that our … [Read more...]

Local SEO Tips – Using Internal Links

Local SEO

If you look at your site, are you inter-linking between your own pages and posts? A big part of local SEO involves long-tail keywords and you have the power to support your own pages. I analyze a lot of small business SEO sites. On many of these sites, I see content without links to other pages or posts on the site. This is a big mistake. Your own pages on your site carry PageRank, just like external pages, that can be sent to your other pages. I read in Fast Company this week that the … [Read more...]

Small Business SEO – Long-Tail Keyword Opportunities

Emergency Pest Control SEO SERP

Long-tail keywords get over half the keyword searches in Google and the other search engines. Here's a classic example where no one seems to be paying attention to that fact. What if you arrived at your vacation home on a Sunday morning only to find it infested with fleas? Who would you call? Well, in our real estate business, we often get calls from people asking for recommendations. We tried a few numbers for pest control companies we normally work with, but no one was answering. I then sat … [Read more...]