WordPress – Posts or Pages – Which is Best?

Worpress Pages DashboardWordPress posts or pages – which one should you use when publishing your content? Is there a difference?

So Few WordPress Pages

Many blogs based on the WordPress platform use only a few pages on the site. That could be a mistake for two reasons:

  • Long term search engine rankings
  • Visitor time on site and conversion

Pages Are Your Showroom

From an SEO perspective, here’s what I’ve found for using WordPress blogs:

  • Pages are your showroom
  • Posts are your promotion

Posts can rank well in the search engines, but unless your site is structured around categories and pages, visitors coming to those post will not find more of what they’re looking for. According to Steve Krug in his fantastic book, Don’t Make Me Think, a visitor landing on your post is looking to answer these questions:

  1. What is this?
  2. What can I do here?
  3. What do they have here?
  4. Why should I be here – and not somewhere else?
  5. Where do I start?

I’m convinced that you can’t answer these questions unless you treat the WordPress Platform like two separate sites:

  • Pages – Important content that you want visitors to view and the content you want to rank in the search engines
  • Posts – Promotional and conversational pieces to send visitors to pages and support those pages to rank higher

Posts are like television news and pages are like a feature movie. People watch TV while doing a lot of other things. They’re often distracted and interrupted when watching. When people go to the movies, they’re getting higher quality content (hopefully), they’re not interrupted and they’re paying full attention.

The 100 to 1 Ratio

For SEO purposes, a blog post should always promote a page. For competitive keywords, the ratio of posts to pages may be 100 to 1. That ratio can be reduced by sending external links to the pages. You will also need fewer posts or links for less competitive terms.

Think of the concept of landing pages. They’re not call landing posts for a reason. You control the page, you test it and then you change it to perform better.

Site Structure and Pages

I’m testing pages as the site structure for blogs now. I’m converting category pages to static pages and doing evergreen content as pages. When I layout the initial site structure, I’m doing that as pages not posts.

Take the example of a photography review site. My categories might be cameras, lenses, flashes, tripod and so on. Each of those categories would be pages. Within those pages, I would control the navigation to sub-categories within the site. Posts could be used for individual products or items, and those posts should be added to the category page. Other posts would promote the product posts and the category pages like this:

Using WordPress Pages

If you’ve created a blog just to create links, pages are not necessary. However, if you’re creating a website based on the WordPress platform, then you need to use pages for good site design, showcasing your most important content and small business SEO rankings.

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