The Case for Small Business SEO

Do You Need SEO for Your Small Business?

In 2008, for the first time, more people searched online for local businesses than used the Yellow Pages. If your business doesn’t come up in the top of the search engine results, those visitors are going somewhere else. You need SEO to get you in the top results for competitive markets. If that’s where your customers are going, isn’t that where you need to be?

If you’re in a market where there’s strong internet search traffic, SEO will bring a portion of that traffic to your website. How much depends on primarily two factors:

  1. A well designed website that converts traffic
  2. Targeted traffic to the website

Traffic is needed, but what happens when the visitor gets to your site? Is this a place they are excited to be? Can they easily find the information or products they’re looking for? Will they take your desired action?

Do you want the visitors to call you, visit your store or restaurant, order a product, fill out a form or enter a contest? What does the customer need to do in order for you to profit now or in the future? Your website must meet both your needs and your customers needs.

Internet Traffic vs. Print and Broadcast Media

What if I came to you and said,

Your internet advertising traffic cost will go down every year.

Would you be interested? Well, that’s the beauty of building your own media property called a website.

We design the site to respond to your customer needs and generate profit for you. Then we drive traffic to the site using search engine optimization. Depending on the business, we might also use social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. Yes, there’s a cost in time and money to create your web properties, but for the first time in the history of business, we’re investing in our marketing instead of spending money.

The cost for SEO should be based upon the competition in the market. Many business spend too much and many spend too little. What you spend should be tied directly to how competition there is in your market. There’s more competition for used cars in Atlanta than in Daytona Beach. The Atlanta dealer will need to spend much more to generate traffic.

A well designed strategy will reduce your expenses. My real estate business spends 90% less in lead generation than we did four years ago. Yes, we invested in building the site and building traffic, but the cost of sustaining that traffic decreases every year. Imagine the shift in your business marketing and sales when you go from spending money on sales and marketing to investing money instead.

Quick Summary

  • You need small business SEO ┬áif there is sufficient search engine traffic in your market to justify the investment.
  • If there is sufficient traffic someone else is getting that business if you’re not.
  • Your investment will be based on competition and your customer requirements.
  • Your SEO costs for your market should be based on the competition.
  • Over time your cost to market using SEO should go down.

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