Experimenting with Support Sites for SEO

Home in the SkyI’m experimenting with improving rankings and creating new rankings with the Port Orange Homes section of our real estate site. I’ve been creating support pages on the site, but I’ve also created a new website focusing specifically on Port Orange Homes. I believe what we’re doing is completely white hat. Here’s why:

  • We are providing content specific to what a visitor would want
  • We are linking to other resources of use to the visitors
  • We are adding original content, not to be found on our other sites

Manipulating The Search Engines

Help me out. I don’t know where to draw the line. All I know is what has worked. I believe after these many years of small business SEO that if the intention of the website is focused on visitors, then search engines will want to present that content to searchers. ┬áSo my approach to SEO revolves around providing site visitors what they are looking for to make informed decisions.

Manipulation is about deception and its always going to end badly. I believe luring visitors with a promise of relevant content and then presenting something entirely different is the worst form of spam. The sites I create and manage are always focused on providing relevant content for keyword searches. We don’t alway hit the target because we can’t read minds, but that’s the intention.

If I put information on several smaller site rather than one larger site, I’m not gaming the search engines. Rather, I’m providing focus for visitors. If those sites link to each other to provide relevant information, then they are not violating search engine terms of service or attempting to manipulate search results.

Being a Good Net Citizen

I will do everything I can to be a good net citizen, but I will also work to rank pages of my sites and customer sites within the SERPS. I like Google, I like the company and I like what they’ve done in 14 years. I don’t like a lot of the results I see when search engine results are served up. Either does Google. That’s why they are making changes to combat spam and poor results.

Creating additional sites to rank on their own for specific terms and to support my existing sites makes sense to me. The new site is built on a WordPress Blog and was indexed in about 24 hours. It’s nothing fancy. I didn’t spend a lot of time on design. Not yet. If it shows traffic, I’ll improve the design. Right now I plan to post to the new site every other day to build content. I’ll be posting the results as we go along. Let’s see what happens.


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