Small Business SEO – How to Fail Fast

Want to know the sure-fire way to fail at Small Business SEO? It’s really simple and many small businesses do it without trying. Here we go – make your site and its pages boring and irrelevant.

SEO Gets You Traffic Not Results

You are a searcher as well as a business owner. Think about how you feel when you search for a keyword term and the result is not relevant to what you’re looking for. If you’re like me, you’re not happy and hit the back button pretty quickly.

Then, think about how many times you get to a website and are not engaged by the website content and hit the back button.

Now, ask yourself – is my site and its pages relevant for searchers? Is it interesting? If not, you may have done a good job of SEO, but are not going to get the results you expect. To get results, you need to entice people to stay or stick.

Small Business SEO – What’s Your Purpose?

For every page on your site, you must explicitly state the purpose of that page. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Who is the target for this page?
  • What does a visitor to this page and site want?
  • Does this page give the visitor what they want?
  • Is the page unique and interesting?
  • What do I want the visitor to do? What is my “Call to Action.”
  • Is this the best content available on the web?

A website page for small business or local SEO should be crafted with purpose to meet the requirements of the questions listed above. Craft it so that after you’ve done the hard work to attract the visitor to your page, you get the payoff.

Great Content and SEO = Results

Great content by itself equals poor results. Great SEO, without great content, equals poor results. Put them together and you can achieve great results.

Every day more pages are created and indexed. Let’s be honest. Lots of these new pages are crap. They are little more than spam. Don’t join them. The difference that makes a difference in the future is going to be outstanding content.

Picture this as your content…

Ferrari for SEO

Not this…

Junk Car

Make Ferrari content, not junk content. Keep these images in mind every time you begin to develop content. It will be better if you turn our half  or even a third of the content and make it twice as good. Take the time to add photos and other images. Add video if you can. YouTube makes it easy to post there and then show it on your web page.

Combine great content and traffic generating SEO to produce the results you need for your business.

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