Facebook Bashing Begins

I just saw a new article, The MySpacing Of Facebook Continues, from WebProNews talking about the MySpacing of Facebook because of Google+. It’s a pretty balanced article, but it does raise questions are popular media and crowds. This is the type of news we need to keep in mind when planning our small business SEO efforts.

Here’s my take on Google+ vs. Facebook. Facebook is social network; that’s it. It is great at what it does, but does not have the scope of Google. There’s no Facebook Reader, Facebook YouTube, or any other the other mass of services that Google provides. The reviews of Google+ have been mostly favorable, but time will tell. Facebook is the best at what it does, but will that be enough?

I know many people who can’t figure out what Facebook is about. I know only a few really avid Facebook users. I know hundreds of people who engage with Google everyday through search, Gmal and YouTube. Google has more opportunities to entice people to Google+. My bottom line is that Facebook just got a big new deep pocketed competitors. We’ll keep watching.

The article also contains some interesting comic Facebook bashing including this video:

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