9 Ways To Annoy Website Visitors

Annoying ScreamSmall business SEO is not easy. It takes hard work to get traffic to your site and its pages. When visitors come to your site, they’re after something and they’re looking for an easy way to find it. It’s a shame that so many sites annoy their visitors rather than give them what they want.

9 Ways to Annoy Your Website Visitors

Greet them with a long flash introduction – instead of providing the content they want, start loading flash content. They will usually do one of two things:

  • Hit the back button
  • Frantically search for the skip link

Underline words and phrases that aren’t links – click, click, click and nothing happens. If you underline a word or phrase, people are conditioned to think it’s a link. Don’t annoy them by underlining non-links.

Start a video or audio message automatically – Okay, let’s announce to everyone in the office that I’m surfing the web. I hate it when I’m in the office, at Starbucks or anywhere else. Plus, if that’s your only message and they have the volume off, their gone.

Broken Links – Hate it, Hate it, Hate it. Fix broken links.

Meaningless Images, Charts and Graphs – an SEO expert said I needed images on my pages and posts. Yes, relevant meaningful images, not any old image.

Walls of Words – People don’t read when they come to a web page, they skim and evaluate. Give them nothing but a wall of words with no headers, bullets or other highlighting tools and they’ll back click. Look at this post as a wall of words.

Make sure the page has nothing to do with the search page – Let’s go beyond annoying and insult visitors by spamming them in the search engines. No, I’m not going to click on your ads when you trick me.

Make things hard to find – Don’t use meaningful navigation. Don’t link to other pages on your site or other sites. Don’t let visitors find what they want.

Don’t provide a search feature – I search sites too, not just search engines. If there’s no search feature, I can’t search and I go back to the search engine.

These are thing that annoy me and user I spoken with. I’ve also done research on web usage and conventions and all those annoyance above can be remedied by following common conventions. It’s a real shame to spend time and resources on small business SEO only to have them back click.

What annoys you about websites?

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