Small Business SEO – The 5 Second Page Test

This page is about the time a visitor will spend to figure out if your page is worth skimming. Small business SEO and content are pieces of the same puzzle. What would happen if you gave every page on your site a five second test? Would visitors be able to understand what the page is about in those few short seconds?

Structure For Visitor Evaluation

I created a video a few days back on the search process. Go to Understanding The Search Process Video to view it. Let’s look at the key image from the video:

The SEO Search Process

See that evaluation diamond, or decision block? That’s where we have 5 seconds to capture the visitors attention and help them decide if they’re in the right place.

Do Page Elements Support Visitor Evaluation?

To help visitors to evaluate your pages in 3-6 seconds, the page needs to be structured for fast evaluation and analysis because at the end of those few seconds, the visitor will:

  • Start skimming to learn more
  • Click the back button and move on to the next result

The Three Key Page Elements for Visitors

You should be familiar with the three key elements to capture visitor attention and help them evaluate a web page because they’re all right here on the page:

  • Images
  • Section Titles
  • Highlighting – bullets, numbering, bold

These elements are common to the web and help people understand the purpose of the page. Just having the elements isn’t enough. They also need to be relevant. Always keep in mind that visitors coming from a search engine are coming from a specific term. Their search term is their intent.

SEO is about targeting a visitor’s intent for specific keywords and keyword clusters. When a visitor comes from the search engine for a keyword phrase, the page content MUST match the visitors intent. Now, as the keyword term becomes more specific you have a better chance for a match. A user typing the word “orange” into Google is not being very specific, but when they type in “orange reflective paint,” they’re being specific and the content needs to be specific to that term.

Make Your Page Purpose Obvious

Give the purpose of the page above the fold of the page with an image, headings, bolding and any other method you can. In the example above, the image of a can of orange reflective paint with a color swatch would get the visitors attention immediately moving them to skim the page for more. If they like what they see, they’re on their way to reading your content and ordering your product.

There are many way to achieve affordable small business SEO, but laser-like keyword targeting and matching content will keep visitors on your pages longer so that you can get your message to them. Lots of traffic that doesn’t stick around long is very expensive.

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