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Small business SEO is different. For your website to rank well locally, you need to use techniques, tools and methods specific to local SEO and small business search engine optimization.

These resources will help you get started whether you’re doing personal search engine optimization or looking for professional SEO services. We recommend you start with our 10 minute Understanding Small Business SEO Video, especially if you’re a small business owner looking to understand search engine optimization and what it can do for your business.

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Small Business SEO – Basics and Primers for Owners and Managers

Small Business SEO – How To and Do It Yourself

Small Business Website Design

Small Business SEO Effectiveness

Small Business SEO Content

Small Business Link Building Series

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Small Business Search Engine Optimization – Basics and Primers for Owners and Managers

Understanding Small Business SEO Video – If you are a small business owner or small business manager, then this video is for you. It explains SEO for small business and what’s needed to get your site and its pages to rank in the search engines in the long term. Take 10 minutes now to watch the small business video below.

Small Business SEO Basics – Four years ago, I didn’t know much about search engine optimization. I struggled to find good information on SEO basics for my small business. Since then, I’ve managed to move my sites to the first page of Google, Yahoo! and Bing for competitive keywords that make money.

Why You Need SEO For Your Small Business – Advertising offline? Then you need search engine optimization. Why? Because your existing base is moving online and your future base is already there!

Small Business SEO Investment – Are you making a big mistake with your marketing and advertising dollars? Many business owners are now making a different marketing choice by making invest in SEO for their small business.

Small Business SEO – Think Like A Small Business Owner! – Affordable small business internet marketing is not about attacking huge competitors for major keyword phrases. It is about finding keyword variations and long tail keywords. You have a huge advantage because you know your customers, their needs and the questions they regularly ask. The people doing search engine optimization for big companies have probably never met a customer.

Small Business SEO – Barrier to Entry for New Business Startup? – Starting a new business is a challenge. There’s finding the right location, buying furnishings and equipment, hiring people, business planning, marketing planning and more. Recently though, there’s a new barrier that’s entered the mix for business startups – small business search engine optimization.

Small Business SEO Challenges – The challenges for small business owners are massive. Small business SEO and internet marketing add more challenges. Indeed, in some ways it presents a threat.

Affordable Small Business SEO – Is affordable small business SEO possible? Can you build a solid website presence on $100 a week? Yes, and here’s how.

Small Business SEO – How To and Do It Yourself

Small Business SEO Link Building Series – In this series we go through the ins and outs of the practical aspects of link building. (Started 7/13/11)

Small Business SEO – Understanding The Search Process Video – What happens if you have traffic coming to your website, but your results are much less than you expected? If you’re focused strictly on small business SEO and you’re generating traffic, then now is the time to understand the SEO search process that visitors use.

Small Business SEO – SEOMOZ Link Building – Link building is a challenge for most small business owners. It’s a lot of work and the temptation for often disastrous shortcuts is always there. But, link building is a critical component to small business SEO success.

Local SEO Tips – Using Internal Links – If you look at your site, are you inter-linking between your own pages and posts? A big part of local SEO involves long-tail keywords and you have the power to support your own pages.

Small Business SEO – Long-Tail Keyword Opportunities – Long-tail keywords get over half the keyword searches in Google and the other search engines. Here’s a classic example where no one seems to be paying attention to that fact.

Small Business Website Design

9 Ways To Annoy Website Visitors – Small business SEO is not easy. It takes hard work to get traffic to your site and its pages. When visitors come to your site, they’re after something and they’re looking for an easy way to find it. It’s a shame that so many sites annoy their visitors rather than give them what they want.

Small Business SEO Effectiveness

The Ultimate Small Business SEO Measurment – Measuring your small business search engine optimization and internet marketing results can be tricky. Too many small business owners measure the wrong things. What’s the Best Measurement of SEO Success?

Small Business SEO Content

Small Business SEO – How to Fail Fast – Want to know the sure-fire way to fail at Small Business search engine optimization? It’s really simple and many small businesses do it without trying. Here we go – make your site and its pages boring and irrelevant.

Small Business SEO – The 5 Second Page Test – You have 5 seconds to let the search visitor know if they’ve come to the right place. Make the purpose of your page and its content obvious.

Link Building Series

Link Building Basics – Part 1
The basics of link structure including HTML code, anchor text and dofollow and nofollow taqs. Link Building Principles – Part 2 Basic principles that must be followed when building links for small business SEO.

Small Business Link Building Principles – Part 2
Link building principles that must be followed when building links for small business SEO.

General SEO

Experimenting with Support Sites for SEO
Experimenting with improving rankings and creating new rankings with the Port Orange Homes for Sale section of our real estate site.