Small Business SEO – What is SEO?

What is small business SEO and what can it do for you and your business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A set of tools and methods to get your website and pages highly ranked in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Small Business SEO is a different set of tools and methods for local and smaller businesses.Tools for SEO

Why Would You Need SEO?

SEO is effective in the right market / business so you need to know what it is and what it’s about.

In a nutshell, if there is traffic available from the search engines to come to your website for you to sell your goods and services, you probably need SEO. We say probably because if the competition is too strong, it may not be cost effective for a small business.

If there’s search engine traffic for your business keyword terms (the terms typed into search engines), then knowing that traffic and the increased sales and profit it can bring is important. See our Small Business SEO Explained Video for more.

The First Steps to Save You Headaches

Before pursuing SEO in any way, get the market, competition and keyword assessment.

  1. Keyword Assessment – Keyword opportunities for your business and market. What are the keywords that you would target in your SEO program?
  2. Market Assessment – Is there search traffic for your products or services and keywords from step 1?
  3. Competitive Assessment – Who has the valuable traffic now and how strong are they in their SEO program?

Two SEO Choices

First choice – Do I move forward with an SEO program?

Second choice – Who will do the work?

If you decide to move forward, you or the people you hire will need to do the following work:

  • Select Major Categories, Minor Categories and Keywords
  • Create a Site Structure Based on Step 1
  • Design the Website for SEO and People
    • Technical SEO for Search Engines
    • Practical SEO for Visitors
  • Develop A Content Plan and Calendar
  • Develop A Backlink Plan
  • Execute Until Ranking Results are Achieved

How Much Will It Cost?

Costs depend on two factors:

  1. Competition
  2. Number of Major Keywords

If there’s strong competition and a lot of it, it will cost more to beat them. If you are going after 15 major competitive keywords, it will cost more than going after five. The assessment conducted before you start the program should give you the answer. You will get much better proposals and costs from SEO service providers when you tell them exactly what you want them to do.

How Long Will SEO Results Take?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it depends on the strength of competition and how many keywords are targeted. Here are my general guidelines for competitive terms with profitable traffic:

  • Some Rankings – 1-3 Months
  • More Competitive Rankings – 3-6 months
  • Most of Your Terms Ranking Well – 12 months
  • All of Your Terms Ranking Well – 18-24 months

These guidelines are not by any means certain. If you have an existing site with lots of content, the results can come much faster. If the competition is weaker for some of your keywords, you can rank faster.

I wish I could tell you that it will take $999.99 and six weeks to get you ranked for any term. I can’t. Anyone who calls you and tells you they can is doing you a disservice.

The steps Small Business SEO Rankings:

  1. Assessment Keywords, Competition and Market Value
  2. Decide Who Will Do the Work
  3. Design and Build an SEO Friendly Site
  4. Create Lots of Great Content
  5. Get Backlinks to Your Great Content

Of course, I’m a small business SEO specialist. I can help you with any or all of these steps. Give Mike Byrne a call at 386-295-2049 or use my contact form to get started.

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