Local SEO Tips – Using Internal Links

Local SEOIf you look at your site, are you inter-linking between your own pages and posts? A big part of local SEO involves long-tail keywords and you have the power to support your own pages.

I analyze a lot of small business SEO sites. On many of these sites, I see content without links to other pages or posts on the site. This is a big mistake. Your own pages on your site carry PageRank, just like external pages, that can be sent to your other pages.

I read in Fast Company this week that the average American eats 34 donuts a year. So, let’s use a local bakery as an example. I’m going to pick a resort area because they get a lot of visitors from outside of the area who will search for everything, including donuts.

The business that we’ll use is the fictitious Tony’s Bakery in Cape May, NJ. Let’s say that Tony has done a good job creating content. He has 100 pages on his site. He uses images of donuts, bread, cakes and bagels on his site. Let’s say he has 10 pages on donuts.

From within the text of those pages, he should link to the other donuts pages.

Here’s the idea:

Internal Linking

You can be more creative with how you link so that it flows more naturally, but you get the idea. Also make sure that a link to the home page is coming from within the text with anchor text like “Tony’s Cape May Bakery.” Each page would be titled like this – “Glazed Donuts | Tony’s Cape May NJ Bakery.”

If you have a site that’s in the top 30 in the search engine rankings for your terms, making these changes can be enough to move you to the first page.

SEO for local businesses is different from targeting national markets. Tony would not be targeting bakeries in the US, New Jersey or Trenton. He is targeting Cape May and must give the search engines enough information to make that clear.

If you’re targeting locally, you need to focus on your locale. When I started with local SEO, I couldn’t really find anyone who could tell me what I needed to do. My real estate business in Daytona Beach was how I learned to effectively rank my pages for Daytona Beach Real Estate and other competitive terms. I spent several years and over $30,000 figuring it out.

Obviously there’s more to ranking for local geographically targeted terms than what is presented in this article. But, what I shown is very powerful and effective.

I am a Daytona Beach SEO specialist, but I server small businesses throughout the US and Canada. Give Mike Byrne a call at 386-295-2049 or use my contact page with any questions. Of course you could always leave a comment or ask a question below.

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