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Do you need a Daytona Beach SEO specialist? It’s a question that many small business owners are asking and it’s important that every small business owner answer. I’m going to be right to the point.

Small business SEO is not a good solution for every business.

It may seem odd coming from an SEO consultant, but I’m a business owner first and it’s a situation I had to address just a few years ago. SEO and online marketing were right for my business, but may not be right for yours.

Two factors are very important to consider:

  • Are people searching for your business terms?
  • Will there be a good return on investment for your SEO efforts

Are Customers Searching?

There must be people searching for you business terms, or keywords as they’re call in search engine optimization (SEO). How do you find out if people are searching? Call me and I can tell you over the phone in 10 minutes. If people are not really searching for your business terms, then your strategy will be completely different. You will be more likely to create a good quality website things like customer support, customer news and so on, but you won’t need to spend much money on local SEO. It’s important to have a good website because your customers will expect it. People will search by your name. In addition, you can refer people to your website from other advertising and promotional material.

If people are searching for your terms, then you’ll need to invest in developing an SEO strategy. Our real estate business website get thousands of visitors every month. It’s a competitive market with a lot of search terms and SEO has paid off well, but it took a lot of effort. Requirements for Daytona Beach SEO efforts will vary with competition and how well they’ve done their SEO. Many markets are very weak, but a few are very strong.

Will Your Investment Pay Off?

Before I answer that question, a few points need to be made. Like most things that have worked in your business, time and effort were required. SEO is no different and a solid SEO strategy build on your business and its strengths. You need a well designed website and excellent engaging content that your customers and visitors want and need. There’s no sense in sending people to your website if they don’t stay long enough to take the action that you want them to take. That takes planning and excellent content.

That being said, if there is traffic for your market and you have a well conceived website to convert visitors into customers, your investment will most likely pay off. There are two reasons:

  • You have a broader platform to give people what they want
  • You are building an asset, not paying a monthly expense

Our real estate business sales rose over 400% since we began our SEO program. Online marketing is our primary marketing method today. After three years, we now pay less in a year to maintain our site and traffic than we paid in a month 4-5 years ago for other methods.

Budget is important to all of us. Read more about Affordable Small Business SEO.

The Greatest Platform Ever Invented for Small Business

People come to your business for varying reasons. Their online search efforts are based on those reasons. If you rank well in the search engines and answer their search questions, they will want to do business with you. If you make it very easy for them to find what they’re looking for, they will want to do business with you. No other platform allows you to fully develop what you and your business offer than your website. You can use full color pictures, videos, stories, testimonials, graphics and much more to provide customer-centric information and offers. You can’t do that in print, television or radio or any other platform.

Investment Not Expense

You own it. Your website is your property. It’s your asset. You don’t own any of the other platforms available to promote your business. You are investing in your website and local SEO to build an asset to serve you and your customers. No other media platform allows you to do this and certainly not at the cost of building a great website.

This is the one thing about internet marketing that I would love to shout from a mountain top to the world:

Mountain Top

Local Internet Marketing is an Investment!

If done right and done well over time, it can be the best platform for advertising and promoting your business.

Why Should You Call Me?

  • If you are looking for a Daytona Beach SEO specialist who knows SEO and small business, call me.
  • If you’re looking for someone who will work with you to get the best return on your investment, call me.
  • If you don’t know where to start, call me.
  • If you are looking for someone who has been there and succeeded in marketing their own business and is working with others to do the same, call me.

Call Mike Byrne at 386-295-2049 to discuss your options today.

Of course my services are not limited to Daytona Beach Internet Marketing. I can work with people in Port Orange, Ormond Beach and throughout Florida and the USA.

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