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Internet Marketing vs. SEO

Is there a difference between SEO and internet marketing? As a Daytona Beach internet marketing specialist, I believe it’s a question that every small business needs to answer. You may think it’s not important, but I do this stuff every day at our Daytona Beach real estate site and it’s important if you want to get a return on your investment. Right now, I’m working on boosting the ranking for Port Orange Homes for Sale through more content and promotion.

Local SEO and Local internet marketing are not the same. Let’s start with a basic definition. SEO, by definition, is search engine optimization. That means that we are targeting specific keywords to rank in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Internet Marketing includes SEO, but also targets marketing opportunities beyond the search engines. In recent years, sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube have become big elements of internet marketing.

Does Your Business Need SEO?

This is a powerful question and one you really need to answer. You are likely to hear that you don’t need search engine traffic. You are likely to hear that Facebook and Twitter are enough for many small businesses. You are likely to be tempted to believe claims like these. Should you?

As a Daytona Beach SEO specialist, you may think I’m biased. I’m not. Okay, maybe a little. But, I’m a business owner first and I am not willing to continue investing in one method of marketing if another is more effective. The real questions is not does your business need SEO. The real question is what marketing method or methods work best for your business.

Your Daytona Beach Internet Marketing Strategy

I believe in targeted marketing. In targeted marketing, we go to where our customers and potential customers are likely to be. That means we must answers a few basic questions:

  • Who are our customers?
  • What do our customers like to do?
  • Where do our customers go for information about our products and services? Where do they hang out?
  • What questions do our customers need answered?
  • What is the best way to become part of the communities our customers share?
  • Where do our customers come from? Local? National? International?

If you know who your customers are and where they like to hang out, then you need to figure out how to be part of their community. For instance, when I look in Facebook there’s a huge community of skateboarders. One page have over 2,000,000 “Likes.” On the other hand, when I go and look for Daytona Beach Breakfast Restaurant, there’s no community there.

However, when I go to Google and search for Daytona Beach Breakfast Restaurants, there are almost 8,000 sites targeting that phrase. A Facebook Page for a Daytona Beach breakfast place would do little to nothing for that business. But, information on this restaurant should be prominent in every search engine as well as their local listings like Google Places.

Think About How People Will Find You Online

In setting up your internet marketing strategy, think about how people are most likely to find you. For instance, people come to Daytona Beach for vacation and to have a good time, but when I search in Google for “dancing in Daytona Beach,” only two restaurants or clubs show on the first page. Facebook shows no results at all for the same term.

Where will they go on their computer or smart phone or iPad to find you? Imagine this scene. A local dance club flies a plane with a banner over a crowded beach. People look up and notice, but their engaged in doing beach activities and think nothing further about the plane and banner. At eight o’clock that night however, five young women are trying to decide where they want to go for the evening. One says, “what was the name of that club on the banner on the beach today?” No one can remember so they, pull out their phone and type in “Daytona Beach dance club.” Does this business need to be at the top of the search engine. Yes, or they just advertised for someone else. Then, each of these girls goes on Twitter and tweets where they are going and another 5-6 people go to the club. You get the idea.

Internet Marketing is Really Broad

There are so many options with so many promises that it can be overwhelming. You need sensible guidance. I am a Daytona Beach internet marketing specialist as well as a Daytona Beach SEO specialist. In my own local businesses, I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on traditional media before converting most of my spending and investment to internet marketing and SEO. It has paid off for me. Will it pay off for you? Call me, Mike Byrne, at 386-295-2049 to discuss your options for internet marketing in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange and the surrounding areas. I have affordable small business SEO plans for every business.

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