WordPress Dominance Growing – Great for SEO

Wordpress Dashboard Image

I fully advocate using the Wordpress platform for small business SEO and the numbers seem to indicate that I'm not alone. On the Wordpress Blog, on August 19th, in their State of the Word post, Wordpress announced some facts about usage of their platform. First, 147,000 of the top one million sites on the web are using Wordpress, up from 85,000 not long ago. In addition, and this is more important for us, "22 out of every 100 new active domains in the US are running Wordpress." The reason … [Read more...]

Experimenting with Support Sites for SEO

Home in the Sky

I'm experimenting with improving rankings and creating new rankings with the Port Orange Homes section of our real estate site. I've been creating support pages on the site, but I've also created a new website focusing specifically on Port Orange Homes. I believe what we're doing is completely white hat. Here's why: We are providing content specific to what a visitor would want We are linking to other resources of use to the visitors We are adding original content, not to be found on our … [Read more...]

WordPress – Posts or Pages – Which is Best?

Using Wordpress Pages

Wordpress posts or pages - which one should you use when publishing your content? Is there a difference? So Few Wordpress Pages Many blogs based on the Wordpress platform use only a few pages on the site. That could be a mistake for two reasons: Long term search engine rankings Visitor time on site and conversion Pages Are Your Showroom From an SEO perspective, here's what I've found for using Wordpress blogs: Pages are your showroom Posts are your promotion Posts can rank … [Read more...]

Facebook Bashing Begins

I just saw a new article, The MySpacing Of Facebook Continues, from WebProNews talking about the MySpacing of Facebook because of Google+. It's a pretty balanced article, but it does raise questions are popular media and crowds. This is the type of news we need to keep in mind when planning our small business SEO efforts. Here's my take on Google+ vs. Facebook. Facebook is social network; that's it. It is great at what it does, but does not have the scope of Google. There's no Facebook … [Read more...]

Small Business SEO Link Building Principles Published

Small business SEO is different and requires different approaches to protect valuable online assets. We just published the second part of our link building series that covers link building principles for small business SEO. In part 2 of the series, we cover: Be careful who you link to - avoid "bad neighborhoods" Be A Good Net Citizen - Don't Spam Go slow Keep visitors and customers in mind Don't Buy Links Start a campaign that you can maintain Stay Away from Link Building … [Read more...]

Local SEO – Big Google Places Changes

Google Places Bomb

Google made some big changes to Google places this past week that will affect local SEO. How much we don't know yet, but we'll watch and see what happens. Google Places Review Purge If you go to your Places page or any other Places pages you'll see a huge change to reviews and citations. Google has removed reviews from Yelp and other 3rd party review services and replaced them with a big red button for a Google Review. Google Places Citations Killed Citations are gone. They've been removed. … [Read more...]

Local SEO – Race Horse or Race Track?

There are many decisions required for best results from local SEO and local internet marketing. Many small business owners don't have large marketing budgets and SEO takes a back seat in their plans. Local and small business SEO is a long term program. Effort and investment today will not pay off for a few months or longer. Print advertising, pay per click and other forms of immediate gratification advertising are easier to execute and justify in the short term. Search engine optimization is … [Read more...]

Small Business SEO Link Building Series Part 1 Published

Small Business SEO Link Building Part 1

Small Business SEO Link Building Basics Published We announced the link building series two days ago and here's the first part covering anchor text, hyperlink HTML code, and NoFollow and DoFollow tags. There's a video that shows how to find HMTL code in FireFox and Internet Explorer. The video also shows how to determine if a link is followed or nofollowed in both browsers. Here's what you'll find in Link Building Part 1: Link Structure Link Anchor Text No Follow Links Do Follow … [Read more...]

New Small Business SEO Series – Link Building

Cobbler Building Links

Link building for small business SEO is one of two biggest challenges of the process. The other is creating content on a regular schedule. I know that many of you already have content, so we're going to start this series before the content creation series. SEO Link Building 101 This is going to be an extensive series over the next few weeks. We are going to cover a lot of material, but I'm going to keep it simple. We'll start with the description of a good link for SEO and the link source. … [Read more...]

Small Business SEO – The 5 Second Page Test

The SEO Search Process

This page is about the time a visitor will spend to figure out if your page is worth skimming. Small business SEO and content are pieces of the same puzzle. What would happen if you gave every page on your site a five second test? Would visitors be able to understand what the page is about in those few short seconds? Structure For Visitor Evaluation I created a video a few days back on the search process. Go to Understanding The Search Process Video to view it. Let's look at the key image from … [Read more...]