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SEO10x and Founder Michael Byrne

This site is about you, but I’m going to tell you a bit about myself so you know where I’ve come from and why you might want to listen to what I have to say.

In 2005 life was good and our family real estate business was cruising along making a lot of money. Then the bottom dropped out of the market. 2006 was bad, but 2007 was a disaster. Sales in 2007 were 1/10 of our 2005 sales. Ouch. SEO10x was born out of that disaster.

All forms of advertising that we used before the real estate bust stopped working. We used real estate magazines, newspaper classified ads, benches, shopping carts and about $2,000 per month in pay per click (PPC)  advertising. With few sales coming in, we stopped paying. We couldn’t afford it.

In late 2007, we had to decide to stay in the business or get out. After a lot of  agony, we decided to stay in. We believed the market would come back. However, something had to change and what changed is how we marketed. We decided to build our business using natural search. If we could get our site to the same level of traffic that we had using PPC when it was effective, we would be in great shape when the market came back. Little did we know what a wise decision it would turn out to be.

Since going forward with serious efforts to promote our sites using SEO, our sales  have increased 400%. Our advertising budget has dropped from almost $5,000 per month to less than $500 per month! Now sales are still much lower than before the bust, but our costs to generate the leads that result in those sales have dropped by 90%. We have created a viable business out of the ashes using this new business model.

Now, I spent a lot of time and effort learning SEO. I wasn’t going to pay $20,000 to an SEO firm to do it. That didn’t make sense to me. I wanted more control. To keep the story short, I spent about $20,000 over two years in courses, books, services and materials. Most of it was wasted money, but by taking a piece from each of the sources, Then I spent many hours applying, testing and measuring what worked and what didn’t. Finally, I was able to come up with a model for SEO that worked.

As a business owner, I was concerned about results, but more importantly, I was after the process that could be repeated. I wanted a consistent model, not a one time result. It’s funny, but getting to a model that works was more about learning what not to than learning what to do. That’s what SEO10x will bring to you.

SEO10x is in business to help you reach your marketing goals for your website.  Whether it’s consulting over the phone, creating a plan for you to implement or providing a full solution, we are here to help you leverage internet marketing to improve your business results.

About Michael

I don’t sell real estate. Other people do that for our company. I’m the marketing  and operations guy. That’s my background. I love small business and I own several businesses today, but my background is as a information technology and manufacturing executive and I still consult to large companies and corporations.

I believe it’s important for you to know that you’re dealing with someone who has lots of business experience in operations, information technology, marketing and sales and internet marketing and SEO.

Check out the credentials of your possible SEO business partners. Be sure they  know business and marketing and that your marketing budget is precious. You can contact me at 386-205-2049 or use our contact form.

Here are the highlights of my career:


  • Founder of SEO10x
  • Partner in a management and business consultancy to large manufacturing companies and government agencies.
  • Owner of a real estate company in Ormond Beach, FL


  • Chief Information Officer (CIO), ACT Corporation, Daytona Beach, FL
  • Director of Information Technology, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Inc., Brooklyn, NY
  • Director of Operations, Summit Plastics, Daytona Beach, FL
  • Director of Operations, Jetson Direct Mail, Hamburg, PA
  • General Manager, Zefon Industries, Ocala, FL
  • President, Oneida Molded Plastics of Florida, St. Petersburg, FL
  • 10 Years Military Service in Operations, Electronic Warfare and Intelligence

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