Small Business SEO and Local SEO

Do you need SEO for your business? Not sure?

You may be right not to invest in small business SEO. It's not right for every business. There needs to be a market that's search active and there needs to be enough traffic to justify the investment. SEO is very effective for many businesses, but it must be done right. You may want to start by viewing our Small Business SEO Video, or reading our article What is SEO?

How Much Will SEO Cost for My Business?

The costs for small business SEO are dependent on two types of competition in your market:

  • The number of competitors
  • How aggressively have the top-ranked sites pursued SEO?

How Long Will It Take To Be Highly Ranked?

The answer is roughly the same as for costs. If the competition is light or not well optimized for search, results can come quickly. If competion is heavy, ranking will take longer. Here's the best answer for search engine results:

  • Some immediately
  • A Lot in 6-9 Months
  • All in 12-18 months

These answers might not be what you want to hear. These are the realities for competitive markets. If you're not in a competitive market, then SEO will probably not be very effective for you. Find out more about small business and local SEO by calling Mike Byrne at 386-295-2049 or go to our contact page.

Using Wordpress Pages

WordPress – Posts or Pages – Which is Best?

Wordpress posts or pages - which one should you use when publishing your content? Is there a difference? So Few Wordpress Pages Many blogs based on the Wordpress platform use only a few pages on the site. That could be a mistake for two reasons: Long term search engine rankings Visitor time on site and conversion Pages Are Your Showroom From an SEO perspective, here's what I've found for using Wordpress blogs: Pages are your showroom Posts are your promotion Posts can rank … [Read More...]

The SEO Search Process

Small Business SEO – Understanding The Search Process Video

What happens if you have traffic coming to your website, but your results are much less than you expected? If you're focused strictly on small business SEO and you're generating traffic, then now is the time to understand the SEO search process that visitors use. The search process video below is about 5 minutes and 15 seconds, but could be the best five minutes you invest in a long time. Internet marketing is a two phase process: Generate traffic with SEO and other methods Converting … [Read More...]

Slow SEO Turtle

Local SEO and Slow SEO

We rush, we rush and then we rush some more. We look for magic bullets, low hanging fruit and quick hits. Not all things can be done quickly though. We know it, even if we don't like it. Local SEO results can take much longer than we like, but that's not so bad. Let's look at a new idea I had today when writing some new content. Let's talk about Slow SEO. What is Slow SEO? Slow SEO is what happens when you don't have the deep pockets to spend lots of money on search engine optimization and … [Read More...]

Small Business street scene

Small Business SEO – Barrier to Entry for New Business Startup?

Starting a new business is a challenge. There's finding the right location, buying furnishings and equipment, hiring people, business planning, marketing planning and more. Recently though, there's a new barrier that's entered the mix for business startups - small business SEO. People are online. For most, if not all businesses, people are using the internet to find products and services. They may be using search engines or social media like Facebook to start their search or find out more … [Read More...]


Small Business SEO Challenges

The challenges for small business owners are massive. Small business SEO and internet marketing add more challenges. Indeed, in some ways it presents a threat. Imagine you own a store. Then, imagine that one out of every ten potential customers are blind to your store when they walk by. Then can't see it at all. It doesn't exist for them. Now imagine that was five years ago. Since then the blindness has increased to three of every ten and within another year it could be five or more. This … [Read More...]


Understanding Small Business SEO Video

If you are a small business owner or small business manager, then this video is for you. It explains small business SEO and what's needed to get your site and its pages to rank in the search engines in the long term. Take 10 minutes now to watch the small business SEO video. Small Business SEO Video     The video covers: What is SEO Why you need SEO for your small business Technical SEO Site Structure On Page SEO Factors Keyword Research Market … [Read More...]

Keyword Campaign Index Card

Local SEO – Every Keyword is a Campaign

Here is your Local SEO 3x5 Card for the week focusing on keyword campaigns. Search engines rank pages not websites. This is so important to keep in mind for local SEO. Even if CNN is ranking number one for your keyword term, you are competing against that page, not the CNN website. If you set out with your small business SEO campaign thinking that you are going to beat a competitor's website, you're likely to waste time and money, make yourself very frustrated and end up believing that SEO … [Read More...]

Biloxi Seafood Wonder Wheel

Assessing Local SEO Competition – Part 1

How much should it cost you for your local seo program? The answer is based on one key factor - competition for the keywords you're targeting. Assessing Local SEO Competition - Part 1 This will be a multi-part series on assessing small business SEO local competition. This first part will define exactly what we will be looking for to determine the level of competition. Parts to follow will deal with tools for manual assessment and then tools for automating the assessment process. Here are … [Read More...]

Small Business SEO Investment

Small Business SEO Investment

Are you making a big mistake with your marketing and advertising dollars? Many business owners are now making a different marketing choice by making the small business SEO investment. This is the second 3x5xSEO index card article. Looking at the card, the left line shows cost and the bottom line shows time. I love the simplicity of this 3x5 card and what it shows. Traditional media buys include television, newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, billboards and signs, park benches, bus advertising … [Read More...]

Local SEO Image

The Elements of Local SEO

Local SEO will be the primary source of search engine traffic for many small businesses. When we talk about local SEO, two distinctions are important. First, you are local if you are selling to the local community. Think of a hardware store or beauty salon. Second, you are local if you are selling some tangible property both to locals and out of area people. Think real estate, classic cars, boats and so on. The elements of a local SEO campaign are fairly basic, but can get more complex … [Read More...]

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WordPress Dominance Growing – Great for SEO

I fully advocate using the WordPress platform for small business SEO and the numbers seem to indicate that I’m not alone. On the WordPress Blog, on August 19th, in their State of the Word post, WordPress announced some facts about usage of their platform. First, 147,000 of the top one million sites on the web [...]

Home in the Sky

Experimenting with Support Sites for SEO

I’m experimenting with improving rankings and creating new rankings with the Port Orange Homes section of our real estate site. I’ve been creating support pages on the site, but I’ve also created a new website focusing specifically on Port Orange Homes. I believe what we’re doing is completely white hat. Here’s why: We are providing [...]

Using Wordpress Pages

WordPress – Posts or Pages – Which is Best?

WordPress posts or pages – which one should you use when publishing your content? Is there a difference? So Few WordPress Pages Many blogs based on the WordPress platform use only a few pages on the site. That could be a mistake for two reasons: Long term search engine rankings Visitor time on site and [...]

Facebook Bashing Begins

I just saw a new article, The MySpacing Of Facebook Continues, from WebProNews talking about the MySpacing of Facebook because of Google+. It’s a pretty balanced article, but it does raise questions are popular media and crowds. This is the type of news we need to keep in mind when planning our small business SEO [...]

Small Business SEO Link Building Principles Published

Small business SEO is different and requires different approaches to protect valuable online assets. We just published the second part of our link building series that covers link building principles for small business SEO. In part 2 of the series, we cover: Be careful who you link to – avoid “bad neighborhoods” Be A Good [...]

Google Places Bomb

Local SEO – Big Google Places Changes

Google made some big changes to Google places this past week that will affect local SEO. How much we don’t know yet, but we’ll watch and see what happens. Google Places Review Purge If you go to your Places page or any other Places pages you’ll see a huge change to reviews and citations. Google [...]

Local SEO – Race Horse or Race Track?

There are many decisions required for best results from local SEO and local internet marketing. Many small business owners don’t have large marketing budgets and SEO takes a back seat in their plans. Local and small business SEO is a long term program. Effort and investment today will not pay off for a few months [...]

Small Business SEO Link Building Part 1

Small Business SEO Link Building Series Part 1 Published

Small Business SEO Link Building Basics Published We announced the link building series two days ago and here’s the first part covering anchor text, hyperlink HTML code, and NoFollow and DoFollow tags. There’s a video that shows how to find HMTL code in FireFox and Internet Explorer. The video also shows how to determine if [...]

Cobbler Building Links

New Small Business SEO Series – Link Building

Link building for small business SEO is one of two biggest challenges of the process. The other is creating content on a regular schedule. I know that many of you already have content, so we’re going to start this series before the content creation series. SEO Link Building 101 This is going to be an [...]

The SEO Search Process

Small Business SEO – The 5 Second Page Test

This page is about the time a visitor will spend to figure out if your page is worth skimming. Small business SEO and content are pieces of the same puzzle. What would happen if you gave every page on your site a five second test? Would visitors be able to understand what the page is [...]

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Rand Fishkin at SEOMox posted this video yesterday on the Google Panda update. After viewing the video, I have a few things that I’m not sure about. First, I think the idea that Google is going to find the content that best matches what their human reviewers like, I don’t think that the results have [...]